Special? Me?

I don’t like this.
I really don’t like this.

And if you ask what, it’s this whole situation that doesn’t make sense to me.

I’m being treated like a museum object, an artifact to be exhibited.
And it isn’t even just me, it’s a whole nation, split by the borders of four countries.

Well. This is just a rant, really. About how everything Saami is treated as something special.
As if we’re not just normal people.
And Saami people even contribute to all the fuss themselves.

I look at all the activities planned for this year.
Saami days, Saami festivals. Here and there and everywhere.
And then there are Culture festivals and other normal things that don’t feel the need to state they’re Norwegian.

We’re so special that we just have to make sure everything we do is specified as Saami. Aren’t we?
But I’d prefer to stay normal. A common citizen of a perfectly ordinary community.

Where are all the festivals that include everything?
Where all aspects of the local culture are treated as normal?
Or as special, when the occasion is right.

I’m tired of the fuss. I don’t like having special days for being Saami.
That makes me feel like all the other days are just Norwegian.
I become invisible, non-existent.

Except on those special days when i just want to escape all the fuss and be as normal as other common folks.